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Kim and Phil’s Orcas Island Wedding was a great weekend spent in the islands. This was not my first trip to Doe Bay Resort, but it was my first ever wedding there. A few years ago, my wife and I rode our bikes out to Doe Bay and camped for a few days. This time around, with Courtney 8 months pregnant and all of my camera gear, we opted for the car instead. Kim and Phil picked a great place to bring together their family and friends who came from all over the world, Phil’s family from as far as Scotland. I love relaxed, informal weddings like this; with kids running around, guests having fun, oysters grilling on the deck and the awesome staff at the Doe Bay Cafe serving up delicious food and drink. Not to mention some of the best toasts ever given at a wedding. The San Juan Islands are definitely a magical place and I want to thank Kim and Phil for letting me be a part of their happy occasion.


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